IoT Dope (Internet of things Dope) is a blog managed by team Dike. We started this project back in 2016 to fill out space on the Internet with solutions to home automation problems. When we began to learn internet of things, home automation, and dope technologies, we found it hard to get the right solution. In the beginning, we could find high authority blogs with great quality content, but they couldn’t satisfy our needs and provide solutions to our problems.

So, we learned it the hard way and decided to come up with IoT dope to help people understand the products, solutions to the home automation problems, internet of things and dope technologies. It’s been around five years since we started blogging and internet marketing activities, so we practically got enough experience to serve you better. We usually write about home automation products, dope technologies, news, tutorials, internet of things and the upcoming trends in these industries.

The Dope Team

The dope team is full of professional writers, internet marketing professionals, and IoT enthusiasts. The entire home automation industry is working with IoT as the base technology so that we will cover about almost everything with the time and confidence we have.

All the product reviews are either written with product experience or by learning deeply about the product from different sources. We DO NOT share information without proper research and experience about that product. As a part of maintaining IoTDope, we use Amazon associate program to monetize the website content. The Amazon affiliate links won’t harm your devices or internet connection in any manner, whenever you click a link to a product to read the reviews, you’ll redirect to official Amazon website, and you can purchase whatever you want. We get a small percentage of commission for each sale we give to Amazon; that’s how we sustain.

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