Philips Hue lighting system is the world’s best-automated lighting system to make your home smart. Philips hue manufactures a lot of products with IOT technology to help you control your home lighting with your smart phone or via voice. Well, it’s entirely an extra stuff because you already have a lighting setup in your home and you can control it manually using switches. Replacing them with Philips hue makes these light bulbs smarter, easy to control (automated) and efficient. 


#1. Expensive

Expense is the most significant problem with Philips hue lighting. When you can get a pack of 6 LED lights at the cost of around $13 to $15, you’re buying Philips Hue a19 or BR30 bulb for around $50 each. That’s comparatively too high, but at the same time, we cannot just blame Philips for this. Philips is not looting us on this, they have developed such an amazing product to help us automate the house. If you’re not interested in automating your home lighting, then it’s ok. Luxury and premium lighting is always an option (not a necessity).

So considering the cost before jumping into home lighting automation will always help you plan it correctly.

But then comes the next problem,

#2. Hub / Hue Bridge

These light bulbs can only become smart if they are connected to a Philips Hue bridge. Philips hue bridge is NECESSARY to control these bulbs with your smartphone. They can display 16 million colors and 50k shades of white light, but only with the help of the hue bridge. You can control the white ambiance bulbs with dimmer switches, but if you want to take full control, Philips hue bridge is necessary.

Tip: Try the Philips Hue starter kits to save more money, the kit will contain all the major stuff like hub and bulbs to get started.

The hub might make even more problems if you have a big house. The range and accessibility are indeed a concern for big houses. Maybe you’ve to buy two hubs to control the entire lighting system. But it’s really good to control these with voice, still I’d say “it’s not necessary”.

#3. Update like your phone

Usual light bulbs are just like switches, you place it over there once, and it will run for around 5-10 years, and you can replace it with another one. Well, the Philips Hue bulbs will also last 15 years, but the problem is with the hub. Currently, the 2nd generation hub is out with a bunch of features and connectivity. They also release updates for these hubs which includes bug fixes and new features. Sometimes you’ll have to change the entire hub to enjoy the new features, or else it will gradually become out dated, which is really good and bad at the same time.

#4. Backup is still a question

The lights will turn ON if you light the switch, but you cannot control these lights with your phone or voice if the internet connectivity is lost, or if your phone is out of charge. This is a serious problem discussed within IOT professionals; they’re trying to come up with a backup solution for this major issue. Hopefully, after some time, you’ll be able to enjoy that feature, so be ready to update your hub 😛 (which I mentioned above in 3rd point).

#5 Support

Philips hue makes excellent products, but the Philips bulbs will only with Philips hue bridge. They did it like that to protect their brand value, quality and security. But that is indeed a problem within a lot of users because a lot of people are trying to control Philips Hue with another hub from different brands. I support Philips in this movement, because that’s the only way they can protect their brand value and quality service. 

Final Verdict

Apart from these disadvantages, Philips hue got a lot of great advantages like full control over voice and mobile application. Philips hue disco to improve your ambiance, more efficiency and more reliability. Beauty and quality are also provided by Philips at its best. So purchasing Philips hue won’t be a wrong decision at all, but I recommend you to start with starter packs because they are the best kits available right now to try Philips hue. You can check out our post on cheapest Philips hue starter kit too.