Choosing the right brand to automate your home lighting is always confusion, especially when it comes to smart lighting solutions. As you know that Philips is one of the leading smart home lighting solutions with their hue devices and light bulbs, so obviously Philips has got a lot of competitors trying hard to beat their range of products. According to the consumer’s point of view, competitors are good because they come up solving the problems which are existing in Philips hue, but is it worth taking the risk? Spending some real good bucks on a Philips hue competitor like LIFX? Will it work? We will see.

Philips Hue

philips hue starter kitI don’t have to explain much about Philips Hue, and I know that. Philips is into the lighting solutions for a very long time, and they are leading in smart home lighting solutions either. You can see the quality in their products and just because of their quality; they are widely used by millions of people around the globe. It’s expensive compared to the standard light bulbs, but they aren’t smarter right :)?

According to me, Philips hue has the complete range of products to make your home smart. The Zigbee Philips Hue Bridge, the motion sensors, dimmer switches and the wide variety of bulbs and lighting options to make your home AWESOME.

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lifx vs hueLIFX was a Kickstarter campaign, and I should accept the fact that they are excellent. LIFX has made some real good changes in this industry, and they have got some perfect products to stand up with Philips hue lightings. The LIFX light bulbs are brighter and cheap compared to Philips Hue light bulbs (Oh wait? they are not cheap, they don’t need a bridge. THAT’S IT). The LIFX bulbs come with a bridge inside so that you don’t have to buy a separate hub or a bridge to connect your light bulbs.

LIFX has got some range of bulbs and LED strips etc. to help you make your home look beautiful and just like every other smart home light bulbs, LIFX also support Amazon Alexa, their products doesn’t support Apple Homekit, but they officially announced that an update is coming by the first quarter of 2017.

LIFX vs. Philips Hue

Well, in this case, I’ll explain how I’d use both. LIFX bulbs are superb, they are bright, and they got an excellent application which is comparatively smoother than Philips Hue application. I don’t have to buy a hub and connect it with my modem to get my bulbs work; I just have to plug in the bulb into the socket and install the app. Boom, light turns ON. They don’t work with Siri, and that sucks, they work with Amazon Alexa, and it’s good. The coolest advantage of LIFX bulbs is that they guarantee a lifespan of 36000 hours whereas Philips hue comes with 15000 hours.

If I had a small apartment, say 1BHK with a kitchen and a living room then I’d probably go with LIFX lighting because 1BHK is going to be a temporary apartment for me and I don’t need expensive stuff to get started. I’ll just go with 5 A19 or BR30 light bulbs from LIFX, and I’ll connect them with my phone. Maybe I’ll add another light strip around the edges of my computer or TV. That’s it. Job done!

the 3BHK story..

But if I’m staying in my permanent apartment say 3BHK with a dining room, kitchen, living room, etc. then I’d probably go with Philips HUE without a doubt. The primary advantage of Philips hue is that these bulbs are manufactured by a trusted brand called Philips, and they support almost everything. It works with Google home, Amazon Alexa, Home kit by Apple and etc., etc…

Their smart bulbs are comparatively cheap especially when it comes to white ambiance light bulbs. As you well know that Philips has a wide range of products including the dimmer switches, light sensors, and the bloom, light strip, etc., etc.. I’m so confident that Philips Hue will be the most reliable lighting solution for my 3BHK apartment. So I’d probably go with Philips hue light bulbs.

Final Verdict

Well, it’s still your personal preference whether to go with Philips Hue or LIFX, comparatively, both are of the same cost, and both are reliable either. I prefer Philips hue because I’m confident about it, I recommend you to read some reviews on Amazon about LIFX here and Philips HUE here, to get some more clear idea about both these brands.