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A lot of people are looking for ideas to light their home with Philips hue. If you don’t know about Philips hue, then let me introduce it to you. Philips manufactures smart home light bulbs to enhance your ambiance and moods. There are different models of Philips Hue bulbs; they are entirely different from standard light bulbs. They do have a lot of excellent features which makes them stand out of the crowd.

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They are

  • Efficient - Philips Hue LED light bulbs can save 80% energy compared to other light bulbs. If you can connect them properly with sensors, then you'll save more than 80% without a doubt.
  • LED - The light emitting diode inside can throw almost all the colors out there. You can choose the colors according to your mood or maybe you can ask the bulb to understand your mood. Guess how? Ok, I'll explain it below.
  • Smart - Yes, they are 100% smart, they can be completely automated using the Philips hue bridge (sold separately). They'll learn your surroundings; they'll turn OFF when you go out of the room and vice verse. They are damn smart enough to save energy and time.

Philips Hue Ideas

So today we will see few Philips hue ideas to make your room far better than its now. By room, I mean living room, bedroom or any room, even your kitchen. All you need is Philips Hue light bulbs or a starter kit, but make sure you have the Philips hue bridge (because you cannot make it awesome without the bridge). Also, it will be perfect, if you can buy few Philips motion sensors.

Philips Hue LED Strip

living room

Philips manufactures this LED strip which is cuttable. Yes, you heard it right!? You can CUT it. Their LED strips are the best to boost your room ambiance. Well here is few ideas to use the Philips Hue LED strip,

BED – You can stick these to your bed, just under the wooden rail or anywhere which suits. Make sure about the position of the lighting; the LED bulbs should be pointed towards the wall to get the light rays perfect. If you show up the LED dots, then it won’t look that good.

Desktop – You can do the same with your computer table, or even you can cut these strips and stick them narrowly through the CPU cabinet. Ok, let’s do it this way. One strip under the table pointing towards the wall to get the light rays perfectly. Another strip around the CPU cabinet and nicely under the keyboard desk. It will be perfect! Trust me.

Behind the T.V – That will be the best place to stick that little piece of strip. Just behind your TV desk, stick it and make sure it’s pointed towards the wall to split the light rays. The best part? This LED light strip can DANCE. Yes, the Philips Hue light bulbs with color ambiance can be connected to the Philips Disco app. When you connect it to the application, then the light bulb will automatically switch the colors according to the sound and mood. Well, the other alternative Philips hue model to keep it behind the TV desk is,


Philips Hue Bloom

philips hue bloom

Philips hue bloom will be perfect to place behind your TV desk; I’m sure that you can understand the reason by looking at that LED bulb. Philips hue bloom can also be connected with the Philips hue disco app so that you can make your best moves all day long. These LED bulbs are seriously efficient.

Corners – Place these Philips hue bloom lights facing the corners of your living room or dining hall. Maybe you can keep some big flower pot or anything that suits the corners. When you put this light bulb over the corners, the ambiance will be excellent, especially when it’s party time. Trust me; it suits all the corners.

Philips Hue A19 & Philips Hue BR30 Bulbs


Both of these are the basic smart home lighting bulbs from your Philips. LED powers these, and they can save more than 80%. These light bulbs are required to make your home the best. IOTDope team recommends you to buy the BR30 bulbs rather than the A19 because of it’s looks, efficiency and user reviews.

To make your home beautiful, replace the old light bulbs and screw in the Philips hue BR30 bulbs. They will save money for you, and they’ll dance for you too. How sweet? Well, these light bulbs will completely change your moods and room ambiance. Use it everywhere in your room; you’ll feel the change.

Philips Hue Motion sensor

hue motion sensor

The Philips hue motion sensor is the real game changer. It helps you save energy, and it’s completely automated. It’s just a battery powered, motion sensor with a light sensor on it. So you just have to screw the wall, fix this motion sensor on top of your door and you’re done. It’s completely wireless and works with all the Philips Hue light bulbs.

When you enter the room, the motion sensor will track the movement and turns ON the lights; it will automatically turn OFF the lights when you leave the room. You can configure the lighting behaviour in the Philips Hue application. As I’ve already mentioned, this motion sensor has a light sensor on top of it, so the lights won’t be turned ON when you enter the morning in daytime (you can still configure).

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You can make use of all these light bulbs like the Philips hue bloom, LED strip, BR30 & A19 bulbs to make your room a wonder. Yes, the right use of these bulbs and configurations will make your room, the best of best. Make sure you arrange the best way possible, we can only give you idea hints, but you’re the one who knows your home well. So make use of these hints to change your entire room ambiance.