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What if the lights turn ON automatically when you enter your room and vise-verse? I mean how cool is that? Home automation is all about automating your entire home with technology that can help humans become lazy (I’m just kidding). Well, the fact that it can help you save money, time, etc. makes perfect sense.

Almost 70% of us usually don’t worry about the lights. When we leave the room, we don’t always turn the lights OFF unless you have that great habit. It’s, of course, a small practice, but it can save a lot of energy and money in long term. Technology has grown ages, scientists and engineers are developing high technologies that can change people’s life, especially in a case of turning your lights OFF when you leave the room.

Motion sensors are here since a long time; it has become technically advanced since all the time, and now people started using it in daily life to help them automate things. Yes, it works with Internet of things, let’s assume that you have a great room with three lights. To get the perfect ambiance, you’ll turn ON the three lights for around 2 hours. Suddenly you get a call from your friend and you’ll be rushing to meet him/her.

Your lights are turned ON. As long as it’s turned ON for nothing, you’re wasting valuable energy and money. But what if you place a motion sensor on top of your door and it will track your movements. When you enter the room, the motion sensor will pass few commands to the light bulbs using the internet of things technology and your lights will be turned ON automatically without even touching a switch. The opposite happens when you leave the room, saving energy and money at the same time. That makes sense right?

But how can we do all this? I mean this thing sounds huge!

Philips Hue Motion Sensor

Philips hue motion sensor is an excellent movement tracking sensor with high abilities to understand your action and trigger necessary actions. They developed this motion sensor in a feasible way that it could be fixed without any technical knowledge or engineering abilities. Take the motion sensor out of the packet, take the screws, set it in the right position and connect it to the hub.

You need to have a Philips Hue bridge (hub) and Philips Hue smart light bulbs to get this done. These are sold separately; you can try the starter pack down below.

How does it work?

Well, the Philips hue motion sensor can track your movements as I’ve already explained, so as it is connected to the hub, it can make communications with the hub (hue bridge). When you enter the room, a command will be passed to the hub to turn ON the lights, the hub receives the commands and communicates with Philips Hue bulbs (the Philips Hue bulbs should be connected to the hub already). The hub can cross communicate with both Philips hue motion sensor and the Philips Hue light bulbs to taking proper actions to turn ON/OFF the bulbs. This is how the Philips hue motion sensor helps you save energy and money.

Daylight sensors

Philips hue motion sensor comes with a daylight sensor which is a great deal. It can track your movements and the light as well. It will know whether it’s day time or night time and triggers actions accordingly. You can always configure the actions according to day and night options so that the hue motion sensor will automatically trigger the actions which you’ve configured. The daylight sensors make this device more intelligent in turning ON/OFF the lights and saving energy in the right manner. It’s even more intelligent when it can trigger different brightness level of light with the nightlight feature. The app, the bulbs, and the hub are communicating so well that you don’t have worry about anything. Essential home automation is all about controlling your devices with voice or your smartphone, but with Philips hue motion sensors, it becomes truly hands-free.

Philips Hue App

You can configure the Phillips hue motion sensor with the application which is available on both Android and iOS. You can give the light bulbs different names and ask Philips hue motion sensor to turn OFF James Bond (name of the bulb) when you leave the room. You can configure it any way you want which is an excellent advantage.


One for a room

The Philips hue motion sensor can only track the movements within a particular area. If you wanted to have this feature in all your rooms, then you’ve to purchase that much number of the motion sensor to automate it completely. It’s completely wireless and works with batteries; it doesn’t eat much of your battery so that you don’t have to replace the battery all the time.

The dope team is recommending you to purchase the starter kits from Philips hue to get started. If you’re completely new to home automation, then Philips hue starter kit is a huge pocket saver because you’ll get lights bulbs, hub, etc. for a lower price. Just purchase 2 or 3 motions sensors extra to make your home entirely automated. It’s as simple as that!

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Final Verdict

Purchase this motion sensor if you’re really in need of it. We do not encourage unwanted purchases and adverse spending money. We recommend these devices to make your life simpler and comfortable. If you already have automated light setups, then Philips hue motion sensor will be a fantastic purchase, if you have not started with home automation, then you should probably start with the Philips Hue starter kits. If you just wanted to learn about this technology, fine! You’re always welcome. It’s all about your personal preferences, buy it if it’s worth for you! 🙂

Philips Hue Motion Sensoe
  • Philips Hue Motion Sensor


Philips has manufactured great intelligent devices which makes life simpler; Philips hue motion sensor is one of them. It will surely make your hands-free in turning your lights ON/OFF saving energy and your pocket at the same time. It's easy to fix, configure and it will be one of your best purchase to automate your home. Go hands free!