Polaroid made a massive press release on 3rd January 2017. Well, 2017 just got started, and things started changing for a Polaroid. As we all know that home automation and security technologies are becoming huge in the market out there and brands like Nest, Samsung, Philips, etc. are already into the race since few years.

Now, we have Polaroid Hoop

polaroid hoop

Polaroid Inc is an American company, and they are famous for developing Polaroid instant cameras since a very long time. They have a broad range of cameras and the Polaroid zip printer which is one of the best-selling instant printer available in the market right now. They are famous for their quality in capturing everything, from their Polaroid instant camera models like the polaroid snap which was recently announced and the competing GoPro with the Polaroid cube+ etc.

Now they’re in the market for home automation and security which is indeed the future of home improvement. Polaroid is about to show up their new product called Polaroid Hoop by the next spring. The cost will be $199 as per the Polaroid press release.

Polaroid Hoop

Polaroid hoop is nothing but a security camera which you can place it outside or inside your home to make sure about the security of your home. Nest as a startup has made a lot of difference in this industry, and their product is still the best seller in the market. But Polaroid Inc has a huge trust from their old customers to the new one which might affect the sales of Nest Outdoor cam in the coming spring.

As far as I know, Polaroid Inc is a problem solver; they started solving problems with instant cameras by introducing few instant cameras with digital camera features, and it has helped a lot of Polaroid enthusiasts to keep up the game. At least their decision to club the idea of the digital camera into instant camera worked out well. Their Polaroid zip printer has also made a significant change in this industry.

Polaroid Hoop has a 140-degree field of view with 1080p video recording, well that’s full HD. Polaroid has not released the complete technical specifications and support of the Polaroid hoop, but we think we can just do some good professional guess,

Polaroid Hoop Impressions

  • The Polaroid hoop will hopefully have the best in class 1080P full HD recording with 140-degree coverage (too good coverage).
  • The looks of this camera are just dope; it looks a bit scary. I should be fixed quickly without any technical knowledge. Should handle all the external calamities.
  • Storage will be a big question mark; maybe they’ll offer both external physical storage support or cloud storage with a monthly fee (not sure).
  • Support is almost 90% sure, because top security camera’s out there in the market is entirely supportive of all the top home automation services. So they’ll surely come up with great integrations.
  • Artificial Intelligence will be available for sure; it will track humans and animals without a doubt. The data might be converted into information using their smartphone application.

Price $199, coming next spring.

All we have is this! We collected this data from the official website of Polaroid Inc, also with the level of knowledge we wrote this article to give you some impressions about the Polaroid Hoop. Let’s see what’s about to come. Stay in touch with us for more, subscribe to the email list!