rachio smart sprinkler

Technology is massively improving day by day, and we are totally fed up of some of the manual systems we have. They are time-consuming and requires manual functioning by the user.

Yes, here we are going to discuss some of the smart sprinkler systems which are available in the market right now. These smart sprinkler systems overcome most of the problems faced by the manual operating sprinkler systems. Also, these smart systems let you save an enormous amount of money compared with the manual systems.

The smart sprinkler discussed here provides their applications and web applications with which you can control this system from anywhere you are!

Here, what I am going to say mostly is about some of the smart sprinklers or some of the best smart sprinklers which are available in the market right now.

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Rachio Sprinkler Controller

Rachio manufactures these smart sprinkler systems. They are mostly known as Rachio smart WiFi sprinkler controller. This sprinkler system is Rachio’s 2nd generation sprinkler system. The first sprinkler they produced was Rachio Iro. The 2nd generation Rachio sprinkler system is much more user-friendly. Read user experiences on amazon 

How does it work?

rachio smart sprinkler

Rachio smart wifi sprinkler controller can be replaced and implement by taking out your older sprinkler system. The sprinkler connection of the older system can be connected to the new smart sprinkler device.

The package contains all the information regarding the system like, where to be placed, information about their application linking, and other details.After successfully setting the Rachio system, they are connected using the application. The application can be downloaded on both Android or iOS devices.

The Rachio onboard system only consists of some necessary controls and the LED lights for the status(on/off). All the control are controlled using the application in your device.

The application shows details such as;

• You can add detail such as soil and the plant types that are there in your backyard. You can also add the sun exposure details. Also, you can setup the details about your zones.

• The Rachio smart system will automatically calculate the watering cycles that can be set to deliver the right amount of water while minimizing the runoff.

• You can pick your schedule depending upon your choice. For higher potential savings you can use Flexible schedule. Another option is fixed scheduling where the system can predict processes that need to done.

The Rachio sprinkler system can save up to 50% of your outdoor water use while keeping all your plants healthy! The system is EPA WaterSense certified.

By using Amazon Echo, you can control the Rachio sprinkler controller with your voice. That’s cool ayyee! This integration is one of the newest updates in Rachio sprinkler controller. By using Amazon echo you turn your sprinkler zones on and off.

Some of the other smart home integration in Rachio includes Nest, IFTTT etc.


The Rachio smart sprinkler controller automatically optimizes schedules to the newest weather forecast, which can save an enormous amount of water. The linked application lets us know the weekly or monthly reports of the water usage. You can also schedule the time which you want to sprinkle your garden or the backyard. If it’s raining the sprinkler controller detects automatically and stops the water sprinkling, or it won’t spray just after the rain.

RainMachine Sprinkler Controller

The Rainmachine sprinkler controller has a touch screen monitor. Suppose If you have placed this sprinkler controller device in a darker room, well no need to worry. It has got bright white LED touch keys.

You can easily understand the settings and customize the way you want. The inbuilt monitor system also provides an easy starting and stopping of a zone. The interface is quite attractive since it has got a good led light and good application interface. The Rainmachine sprinkler connects via Wifi. Read user experiences on amazon


The application to control this device can be downloaded on both iOS and android devices. After installing the app on your device, a password can be set so that you can increase your security and nobody can only hack into your sprinkler system.  The application in your device shows all the details from of the sprinkler usage, setup your settings, bar charts, temperature,

This smart sprinkler controller can be connected from anywhere. You can control your sprinkler system from anywhere in the world. It can also access from any web browser such as chrome, firefox, opera, etc.

One of the main features is that you can setup the weather information from any of your nearby broadcasting stations.

The weather forecast are fetched from NOAA, GOV,NetAtmo,metno,forecast.i.o. These sources provide precise information about the weather. The rain machine updates weather details several times a day.

If there is no forecast data available, the device will automatically switch to historical weather statistics. By this way, you conserve water even if there is no internet connection available.The RainMachine sprinkler controller saves up to 80% of water day to day. This smart sprinkler system also has got WaterSense certification.

How does it work?

rainmachine spinkler

The RainMachine sprinkler controller can be replaced with the old sprinkler devices. The connection to the wire needs to be connected to new RainMachine sprinkler controller. After connection all the wire you are ready to start your new system. Tadah!

The Rainmachine needs to be connected using wifi. And all the other devices can be linked to the RainMachine system.
The settings are user-friendly and can be easily understood by anyone. You can customize the settings the way you want. The RainMachine works with 8, 12, and 16 zones.

The 2nd generation RainMachine sprinkler controller are currently are three types:

How does it work?


The Skydrop Sprinkler Controller can be replaced with the older manual sprinkler systems. The connection to the sprinklers needs to be connected with the Skydrop Sprinkler Controller. After the installation is done, you can setup this smart sprinkler depending upon your needs. An inbuilt LCD screen makes it easier to navigate through the settings.

It has got some intelligent integration such as IFTTT, Nest, Alexa, echo, etc.This Skydrop smart sprinkler controller can be controlled through mobile or web applications. Both android and ios devices support its application. So that you can use it and manage it from anywhere you want.

After installing, you can setup the details regarding the type of soil which you have in your backyard. You can also set up the watering needs of each zone and its timing.It also has got an inbuilt feature that lets you fetch local weather forecasting stations data in several intervals. By this way, you can save an enormous amount of water. The sensors make sure that no water will be sprinkled while raining or just after raining.

One of the important features of this Skydrop Sprinkler Controller is that it can be expandable to 16 zones so that you can expand your sprinkling to the large area. Since it has got simple controls, it is easy for you to navigate through the settings.

The glowing ring-shaped dial is used to navigate the menus. The green signal shows that the device is in standby mode, blue represents for watering, yellow if there is no network available and red for if an error occurs.

While Comparing to the other smart sprinkler controller which I discussed earlier, the sky drop sprinkler controller takers much time to setup. The system has a slow response time, and jog dial can be fiddly to use because of that.This smart sprinkler controller manly relies on the weather forecast and not on the actual weather! And also this system is much reliant on strong WiFi needs.

Final Verdict

If I want to choose between these three smart sprinkler controller, I will go for RainMachine sprinkler controller because it has got an inbuilt touch screen where you can easily navigate through the menus and setup. It supports more zones compared to others. The has got most of the properties of that of Rachio and Skydrop Sprinkler systems.