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Philips Hue vs LIFX Smart Home Lighting Solution

Choosing the right brand to automate your home lighting is always confusion, especially when it comes to smart lighting solutions. As you know that Philips is one of the leading smart home lighting solutions with their hue devices and light… Continue Reading →

How to set an entire room to one color with Philips Hue

Philips hue recently made an android/IOS application update with a wonderful new feature. This feature says ” Set the entire room to a specific color by tapping the room icon! Just like you can with an individual light.” They also made some… Continue Reading →

5 Disadvantages of Philips Hue Lighting System

Philips Hue lighting system is the world’s best-automated lighting system to make your home smart. Philips hue manufactures a lot of products with IOT technology to help you control your home lighting with your smart phone or via voice. Well,… Continue Reading →

Philips Hue BR30 vs Philips Hue A19 Bulbs : Comparison

Philips Hue BR30 vs. Philips Hue A19 bulbs will be one of the hilarious comparisons ever because we don’t have anything to compare! First of all, it’s too hard to compare two bright home bulbs, but we have got few… Continue Reading →

Philips Hue Bridge: 2nd Generation Review

You might have heard of home automation and the talking lights lol. Yes, home automation has completely changed the lifestyle of people around you and sorry to say that you’re late (if you’re looking to adopt home automation now). Well,… Continue Reading →

Philips Hue Home Automation in 2017

2016 has passed away; it’s 2017, and it’s been around five years since Philips diving into the game of home lighting automation. From there, they have grown tremendously with their wide variety of home lighting systems which are completely automated…. Continue Reading →

Philips Hue A19 Bulbs Review : 16 Million Colors

Philips Hue A19 bulbs are the right smart light bulb to automate your home lighting. Philips has been manufacturing kind of cool hue devices and light bulbs which are entirely automated. You wake up in the morning at 6:30 and… Continue Reading →

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